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Welcome to the website
of Mgr. Hana Tryznová, attorney

Services, or how can I help you?


  • prenuptial agreements
  • narrowing or extending of community property
  • divorce by agreement or without, so called indisputable and disputable
  • divorce with a foreigner
  • child custody
  • increase or decrease of child support or alimony
  • kidnapping of a child by a parent and how to avoid it
  • settlement of community property, whether by agreement or court mandated
  • inheritance

Real estate

  • donations, purchases, sales, exchanges
  • transfer of cooperative apartments
  • leases and subleases
  • reservation agreements and brokerage agreements
  • easements, pledge agreements, mortgages
  • safekeeping of money and documents
  • signature verification
  • preparing and checking of contracts
  • submission to Cadastral Office

Agreements & Contracts

  • donation agreements, transfer agreements, purchase agreements
  • lease agreements, brokerage agreements
  • agreements to make contracts
  • pledge agreements, creation of easements
  • property settlement agreements
  • preparing and checking contracts
  • safekeeping of money and documents
  • signature verification


  • defence in criminal proceedings
  • representation of victims
  • compensation to the state for malicious prosecution
  • defender ex officio

When it comes to court

  • analysis of cases or proceedings
  • possible solutions, including reconciliation
  • precautionary measures
  • representation in court
  • enforcement of judgements or seizures

Common situations

  • purchase, sale, donation or sublease of goods or performance of work
  • claims of an item, work order, travel tours and loss of enjoyment of holidays
  • unauthorised electricity usage
  • debt collection, seizure
  • insolvency, personal bankruptcy, applications
  • debt acceptance, repayment agreements
  • refund of an item and subsequent withdrawal from contracts
  • liability for damages
  • compensation for damages

Didn’t find what you were looking for, or need more information? You can write or call me, the contacts you will find below.

Why should you choose me?

Personal approach

Because I believe this is the only way it should be.


Because nothing works without it.

Complex solution

Because to do anything halfway is not enough.


Because time and money are limited.

Fees, or how much will it cost?

Each problem is different. Therefore it is almost impossible to say exactly how much its solution will cost without knowledge of the specific situation. It also depends on you, if and how much you would like to get involved, if you give me free hand in this regard or if you want to carry out feasible things yourself. Sometimes it also depends on the inscrutable process of the counterparty.

In most cases the fee is negotiated per hour. There is a record of all work done, 
so you know precisely why and what you pay for. The fee is always negotiated right at the start of our cooperation, and if possible I can apprise you of the expected scope of work.

The usual price of lawyer services per hour is 2000 CZK plus VAT, but it can vary from 1 600 CZK to 2 500 CZK, depending on the complexity of the problem. 
To gift your son with a field is completely different from dealing with the co-ownership of a country house which is co-owned by three people.

I have no problem with a fees negotiated as a percentage of the issue´s value or 
by a fee, provided that it fits the solved matter or the situation in which you find yourself.

Just to give you an idea, let me present you a few indicative examples. I just beg you to remember that the listed prices are just pure estimations based on following preconditions:

You know exactly what your aim is;
The matter is not complicated;
You have all the materials prepared and
the matter will not get more complicated during the act.

  • Donation of land or house – from 4 500 CZK plus VAT
  • Purchase of an apartment with mortgage financing, including providing of lawyer deposit – from 15 000 CZK plus VAT
  • Money depository – from 5 000 CZK plus VAT
  • Lease agreement for an apartment or a house including transfer protocol – from 5 000 CZK plus VAT
  • Divorce proposal – 2 500 CZK plus VAT
  • Settlement of a community property agreement – from 4 500 CZK plus VAT
  • Proposal for child custody – 2 500 CZK plus VAT
  • Making a list of all materials needed for divorce by agreement, so called indisputable divorce, when there is an agreement between husband and wife – from 8 000 CZK plus VAT
  • Application for the registration of receivables to insolvency proceedings – from 2 500 CZK plus VAT
  • Proposal for beginning distraint procedures – 2 000 CZK plus VAT
  • Debt acceptance with repayment schedule – from 3 000 CZK plus VAT
  • Proposal for a payment order – 2 500 CZK plus VAT
  • Claim for payment – from 3 000 CZK plus VAT

Didn’t find what you were looking for? You can write or call me, the contacts you will find below. Remember that every problem has a solution!

Since most of you are consumers, i.e. non-entrepreneurs, I´m obliged to inform you that according to sec. 20 of the Act no. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection Act, 
in case of any dispute that might occur between us during providing legal service, you have the right to appeal to the Czech Bar Association in order to resolve this dispute out of court. The Czech Bar Association is authorized for extrajudicial dispute resolution by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

„Udělat vždy víc, než je zvykem.“

Something about me

Mgr. Hana Tryznová

After finishing my studies at Charles University I gained general experience as 
an articled clerk (which is a compulsory clerkship for the Bar Exam) for attorney 
JUDr. Petr Topinka, who had performed me with his colleagues all areas of law, except, Tax Law. After passing the Bar Exam, I have dealt mostly with Civil and Business Law, agreement preparation and insolvency proceedings, all in cooperation with the Law Office of my colleagues and my mentor. This time was nice, but I found that I missed everyday contact with clients and also participation in court hearings. So I decided to paddle my own canoe, and in summer 2014 I started as 
an independent attorney. Since then, I deal with those things which bother all of us from time to time, whether in our private or business lives, and which you can find above.

My target is to provide legal services to people and small companies in the most complex way. This way, you do not have to look for a new specialist for every kind of a problem, but can have somebody to cooperate with for the long term. What’s more, it can be somebody you already know and who already knows you. But because nowadays it is quite difficult to keep a high quality of the work as well as to cover all the areas of law in one person, in April 2015 I established with my colleagues our own law office named Poláček, Tryznová & Prudlová, so that every problem of yours could be solved. My colleague Poláček deals mainly with defence in criminal proceedings and my colleague Prudlová specializes in the area of contract law. You can read about them on their personal websites, and About our common law office you can read soon on the upcoming website


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  • Zlatnická 1127/4, 110 00 Praha 1

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